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Paper Bags

Twist Handle Carry Bags - Brown

These bags have proved to be very popular in boutique ...

Twist Handle Carry Bags - White

This bag has a block bottom and is able to be printed on.

Twist Handle Carry Bags - Coloured

This coloured paper bag is available in Marine blue, Lime, ...

Gift Bags / Lolly Bags

Gift bags that have a block bottom at the base. Available ...

Millinery Bags

A large paper bag available in brown.

Mushroom Bags

A brown paper bag, printed.

Hot Dog Bags

A printed white bag made in high wet strength paper.

Souvlaki Bags

A white bag which is available in 4 different options. ...

Chicken Roll Bags

A bag which has a standard print on it. ‘Hot roll’ with a ...

Hamburger Bags

Byars stocks 2 types. 1. A standard bleach bag with a ...

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